At Phytogen Medical Foods we are committed to your health and well-being. That is te reason why we want you to be able to enjoy life as comfortably as possible.

As a company, we are constantly researching to offer you food supplements that contribute to a better lifestyle. In short, food suplementes that help you to avoid health problems and discomfort.

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Your well-being and health is our goal

Food supplements can have positive effects on your health and well-being, thanks to the properties of certain natural ingredients.
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Our food supplements are composed of natural products, all of them available in a healthy and balanced diet.
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In our research and development process we always confirm the benefits of our food supplements. We develop clinical studies with the objective of giving you absolute security and confidence.

Phytogen Medical Foods,

committed to your health and well-being.

At PHYTOGEN we are involved with the scientific research of natural ingredients for health care.

The results of clinical studies and scientific research are interpreted by qualified professionals. This is how we determine the contribution of natural products to improve your health and well-being.


Olimina3® has been created with an exclusive combination of Hytolive®(which is an exclusive compound of polyphenols from olive oil extra virgin olive oil), curcumin and Omega3. In order to test its effectiveness it was conducted a clinical trial in 45 women with breast cancer. Olimina3® has achieved a significant reduction in pain and inflammation. In addition, it can provide cardiovascular benefits of Omega-3.

* Contains fish oil

OLIMINA3 health and wellness against breast cancer
OLIMINAFlex food suplement


OLIMINAFlex® Phytogen Medical Foods’ patented combination of extra virgin olive oil polyphenols, Omega-3 fatty acids and curcumin that has been shown to help relieve osteoarticular discomfort and inflammatory processes, is now complemented with type II collagen, manganese and vitamin D to contribute to the normal functioning of bones, muscles and connective tissues such as cartilage, ligaments and tendons. An ideal food supplement for those who suffer from joint discomfort due to work, postural, arthritis or osteoarthritis.

* Contains fish oil and soy lecithin.

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