Food suplements are products for human consumption that play a role in the field of health. For this reason, they must be manufactured and marketed under certain conditions to offer guarantees to their consumers. Below, you will find some very interesting information on this subject.

The keys to a good food supplement

These preparations usually contain variable combinations of essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates or fiber in high concentration. They are administered in easy-to-dose presentations, such as capsules, tablets, powder, vials or liquids. In addition, they have different purposes, since they provide substances with specific nutritional or physiological functions to meet special requirements or supplement the diet. In any case, they cannot replace a balanced and varied diet.

However, research shows that, in practice, there are specific needs that, in many cases, can be satisfied by these products, either with a single ingredient or in mixtures. Moreover, to be effective, they must meet certain requirements.


When a substance enters the body, it must reach the tissues for long enough and in sufficient quantity to exert its effect, also called bioavailability. Broadly speaking, this term is defined as the percentage of the active ingredient that reaches the site of action after a dose has been administered.

There are two main mechanisms that determine low bioavailability. The first is absorption in the intestine, which may be slow due to mucosal factors or the physicochemical characteristics of the compound. The second is the metabolic process, which breaks down the active ingredient into metabolites that do not have its effect.

Consequently, a good supplement is characterized by a high bioavailability in order to be effective. In some cases, the combination with certain ingredients improves it. A good example is Olimina3 from Phytogen Medical Foods, a product with olive oil polyphenols and omega-3 fatty acids, which ensure the rapid absorption of curcumin.

Ingredients proven by clinical studies

One of the most important aspects of these food solutions is their composition. Whether based on a single ingredient or a combination of several, it is essential that the effects of each ingredient have been demonstrated by a clinical study (or several) that guarantees, in addition, that its intake is safe.

One of the concerns when taking these products is the possibility of adverse reactions. This risk must have been ruled out before the marketing phase. According to current regulations, the veracity of claims about nutritional or health effects must be scientifically proven. Some examples are: “contributes to intellectual performance” or “counteracts bone demineralization”. These rules are set out in Regulation 1924/2006 or Claims Regulation.

Proprietary formulas

Given the large number of food supplements available on the market, it is advisable to always choose those that have a patent. This legal instrument protects both the manufacturing company and the consumer, since, in this way, it is possible to distinguish the copies from the original products and subject to regulations.

Today’s consumers are looking for solutions that offer safety and performance and are distributed through reliable channels. However, this guarantee can only be demonstrated by regulating production processes and the quality and concentration of ingredients. In addition, many patents protect long, demanding and costly research processes and are granted for highly advanced technologies.

A very important requirement is to make sure that the marketing of the article you are thinking of acquiring is legal in your country. To check this, do not hesitate to search it on the website of the Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition available in your country.

The labeling of food supplements

You should always read the label of the product you are thinking of buying. Not in vain, it contains fundamental information that will help you decide if it is really what you need. In particular, the following information is mandatory:

  • Name.
  • Company name and address.
  • Name of the ingredients and recommended daily dose.
  • Instructions for use.
  • Expiration date.
  • Batch number.
  • Storage conditions.
  • Safety warnings.

There are some data that will give you an idea of the importance that these products have reached. According to reliable sources, 70% of people consume them, although they have not always consulted a doctor to find out about the possible contraindications that could generate their intake.

The most frequently used are vitamin complexes, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. The reason for taking them is, above all, to improve the general state of health. Other reasons are to have more energy, to strengthen the skeleton and muscles or to lose weight.

In short, quality food supplements can help you live a healthier life. However, be well informed and always buy those that provide you with guarantees.

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