Suffering from joint discomfort, especially when it is a frequent or even constant situation, can cause limitations in the activities you perform on a daily basis. We could define it as the difference between what you want to do and what you can actually achieve, and many people who suffer from a condition that causes this problem lose, as a result, part of their quality of life. If something similar is happening to you, you may be interested in learning about Belinda’s story.

Joint pain in a female runner

Belinda decided she needed to exercise, because she wanted to lose some weight and get in shape. At first he took daily, brisk walks in a park near his home. Little by little, he started jogging, but fatigue prevented him from sustaining the pace for more than ten minutes. However, he was persistent and five weeks later he was able to jog around the park twice. He set a goal of participating in his first 10K race soon.

One morning he woke up very early, and with pain in his knees. In addition, his left side felt a little stiff and hot, so he decided not to exercise that day. On the other hand, at work I had to stand for a long time, which did not help the joint pain to go away. As the evening of the second day arrived, he began to worry in earnest. What would happen to your training? Was I no longer going to participate in the competition? Would I gain back the weight I had lost?

Methods for treating joint discomfort

There are factors that generate bothersome and limiting joint symptoms, especially in chronic situations. Natural wear and tear of the cartilage, excess weight and work or sports overload of the joints are just some of them. Also people receiving treatment with aromatase inhibitors may feel pain in this regard. But don’t worry: nowadays there are several ways to alleviate and improve the situation, such as certain drugs and food supplements.

Non-natural solutions

The active ingredients synthesized in pharmaceutical laboratories are very useful to improve joint symptoms. However, some of them have the disadvantage of producing undesirable effects, especially when taken for a prolonged period of time. Hydrolyzed collagen, for example, is a nutrient that improves tissue elasticity and firmness, reducing joint stiffness. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, on the other hand, are substances that make up the cartilage and protect it from wear and tear for several weeks.

In addition, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are commonly used and improve both pain and inflammation. They are a broad group of drugs, of which you are probably familiar with naproxen, meloxicam or ibuprofen. However, adverse effects may include gastric ulcers with bleeding, high blood pressure, kidney or heart damage and anemia. Finally, steroids are potent drugs that stop inflammatory processes and slow down the evolution of joint wear and tear, but their use for prolonged periods generates important adverse effects such as osteopenia and overweight.

Solutions with natural components

Undoubtedly, the best way to alleviate these discomforts is to resort to natural components that can counteract inflammation. Among the most effective are curcumin, olive polyphenols and omega-3. Olimina3® is a 100% natural food supplement made with these ingredients from the Mediterranean diet and does not cause side effects. It contains Hytolive®, a proprietary and exclusive blend of extra virgin olive oil polyphenols, hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol, all extracted from premium Spanish olives using clean technologies and mechanical processes.

Trust Phytogen Medical Foods

This company was created based on advanced technological processes and clinical research to offer you a natural alternative to relieve your joint discomfort. It all started in 2000, with the extraction of hydroxytyrosol from olive paste. Afterwards, a lengthy optimization process was initiated to achieve industrial production. Phytogen Medical Foods was finally launched in 2011.

In 2015, a clinical study was completed with patients presenting with joint pain and we obtained excellent results. Thanks to this fact, in 2018 Olimina3® was approved for marketing in the European market.

While there are excellent drugs available today to control bothersome and limiting joint symptoms, thanks to Phytogen Medical Foods you have a natural alternative at your disposal. They are food supplements with a synergistic effect and do not cause adverse effects.

And what happened with Belinda? Well, thanks to these products he was able to alleviate the joint discomfort and finished the 10 km race as finisher. But the best part comes now: he has continued with his training and has improved his form significantly. He is now more agile and feels in a better mood. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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