Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a basic ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. However, beyond its interesting culinary value, it is surprising how many properties and benefits it provides. Do you want to know how oil polyphenols can help you? At Phytogen Medical Foods we tell you about it. Read on and find out!

The composition of extra virgin olive oil

Have you ever wondered why we use the term“extra virgin” when we talk about oil? EVOO is so called, precisely, to make clear its purity. In other words, nothing is added during processing that could alter its qualities in any way (flavor, texture, aroma or nutritional properties).

Therefore, when we buy a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, we ensure that it contains all the potential of this liquid “gold”: monounsaturated and unsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, polyphenols, vitamin E and also oleocanthal. Undoubtedly, a cocktail of the most complete and full of benefits for our health.

What are the properties of EVOO?

Olive oil and health are two elements that are more closely related than you think. Below, we will tell you in detail the benefits of this ingredient for our well-being. Pay attention!

Relieves minor aches and pains

Oleocanthal is an organic compound found only in extra virgin olive oil and has interesting anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This makes it suitable for reducing muscle discomfort and joint pain.

An aid against cardiovascular problems

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and healthy fats, which is perfect for taking care of our cardiovascular health. Fatty acids act as arterial vasodilators, thus promoting blood circulation in the body. However, this is not its only benefit in this regard.

Regular consumption of this food helps to control blood pressure, moderate bad cholesterol and reduce the possibility of suffering cardiovascular problems. Remember, however, that all this must always be done within the context of a balanced diet and exercise.

An ally against mental deterioration

Brain health is another of the great beneficiaries of olive oil thanks to its vitamins K and E. Nor can we forget the polyphenols, which are useful for preserving the brain against oxidation by toxins. With something as normal as consuming olive oil you will be taking care of your memory, your learning capacity and contributing to delay the onset of certain mental illnesses.

A beauty enhancer

EVOO will also surprise you with its anti-aging effects. Once again, polyphenols are responsible for this interesting property. These compounds are excellent natural antioxidants that, together with vitamin K and E, slow down cellular aging. Thus, it is not only appropriate to achieve greater vitality in our skin, but nails and hair also benefit from this food. Something like a natural cosmetic.

In fact, many people, in addition to including its consumption in a healthy diet, choose to apply the oil directly to the skin or hair to take advantage of its full power.

Improves the immune system

With the covid pandemic, one of the main concerns among the population is to increase their defenses. In this sense, you should know that olive oil, with its antioxidants and essential nutrients, manages to improve the immune response of our body. There is scientific evidence that shows that T lymphocytes, in particular, can see their functions enhanced by the consumption of EVOO. Vitamin E is also very useful in protecting us against viruses and bacteria.

A healthy way to lose weight

Undoubtedly, weight is something that greatly influences our health, so it is convenient to give it the attention it deserves. Staying healthy and within the appropriate values for our age, sex and height is key to a satisfying life. To this end, ingredients such as olive oil can be beneficial in helping to achieve our weight loss goals.

Including EVOO in a weight loss diet will help us to accelerate the metabolism and favor the elimination of unhealthy fats. Did you know that oleic acid also affects by reducing the sensation of appetite? Of course, there is no miracle diet, the key is consistency and moderate consumption.

At Phytogen Medical Foods we strive to innovate in the field of health. However, once again, nature shows us the enormous potential it possesses. As you can see, the polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil are a must in your diet.


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