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The media presence of Phytogen Medical Foods has been significant. This is due to the importance of the results demonstrated by its product Olimina3.

Olimina3 has been clinically studied in 45 patients who had overcome breast cancer. These patients suffered from joint pain due to post treatment with aromatase inhibitors.

Thanks to Olimina3 and its ingredients, Hytolive, Omega-3 and Curcumin, the trial revealed the product’s effectiveness in reducing joint pain.

Olimina3 is one of the few dietary supplements that have demonstrated its effectiveness through a clinical trial. In addition, its formula is unique in the market, which is why it is patented.

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About Phytogen Medical Foods

Phytogen Medical Foods is a company dedicated to the manufacture of food supplements. His scientific and research orientation has led him to develop Olimina3. A totally innovative product with proven effectiveness in relieving joint pain.

The primary objective of Phytogen Medical Foods is to contribute to the health and well-being of people. Therefore, all products developed by the company are supported by clinical trials.