Phytogen Research and Development

Committed to science

Our formulations are always based on research that we develop directly. Our products are supported by scientific studies published by prestigious institutions. In this way we ensure the effectiveness of the natural ingredients we use and their contribution to diseases and ailments.


We develop products for people’s wellbeing

PHYTOGEN MEDICAL FOODS is intimately committed to the development of scientific research for health care. We use only natural ingredients, because we learn from nature.



The results of clinical studies should be interpreted by qualified professionals.


The formula of our products is unique in the market. The combination of extra virgin olive oil polyphenols, Omega-3 and curcumin is not present in any other food supplement. That is why our products are patented.

food supplements for health and wellness


The difference between food supplements and medicines lies in the use of 100% natural ingredients. Supplements are not a substitute for any food. However, they help to maintain adequate levels of certain nutrients and, therefore, to greater well-being. They also have no adverse side effects.


One of the pillars of Phytogen Medical Foods is to substantiate the benefits of its products. Therefore, all of them are subjected to clinical studies. In this way, we bring safety and real results to our food supplements.

OLIMINA3 research

Our product, OLIMINA3, is the result of years of research, testing and effort. The greatest guarantee resides in the fact that OLIMINA3 has been subjected to clinical studies obtaining positive results for the health and well-being of people.

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